BPW Task Force

BPW Task Force on Leadership & Lifelong Learning

Workshop, 20-23 Avril 2017

Membre du Task Force “Leadership & Lifelong Learning” du BPW International, notre présidente Rodica Rosu Fridez a participé dernièrement à la rencontre annuelle accueillie par le BPW Italie à Rome.

The Business & Professional Women (BPW) Task Force on Leadership & Lifelong Learning organized their 5th Annual Workshop in Rome, Italy, on April 20th-23rd, 2017. The purpose of the workshop was to communicate information on leadership projects and best practices of the clubs on local, national and international levels and develop the next steps to undertake.

Organized by Conny Montague, Chair European Task Force, Leadership & Lifelong Learning, and hosted by Pia Petrucci, National President FIDAPA/BPW Italy and Bettina Giordani, National Communications Chairperson BPW Italy, the workshop allowed the participants to share knowledge as well as reflect on how to move forward with the projects under way.

Updates on the newly developed Leadership Training for Women and the Online Academy were provided as well as what training is being offered in Estonia and Malta. A workshop that included presentations on “Lateral Leadership” and “Motivation of Team Members” was also given for the Italian National Team.


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